Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing

Supporting your ever-changing needs through flexible sales solutions

Voxa outsourcing delivers tailor-made sales resources worldwide. Our objective is to improve the return on sales investment for our clients, by decreasing their cost of sales and by improving their sales productivity.


Our services If you are looking to penetrate new markets, acquire new customers or better manage existing customers, a Voxa outsourcing solution is appropriate to your business. Voxa outsourcing can deploy an entire sales force or individual account executives having the commitment and commercial performance that you would expect from your own sales force, but all in a hassle-free package. Our services are fully supported by the Voxa outsourcing Sales director to ensure a seamless introduction into your sales organization.

Complete sales team organization Voxa outsourcing can recruit and manage an entirely new sales team for your business, or can complement your existing team with services designed to:


• Restructure your B-to-B direct business




• Develop your indirect distribution channel




• Revitalise your existing sales organisation and business opportunities. A dedicated Voxa manager will build the sales team around your company’s business model, ensuring that your commercial values and corporate ethos is respected throughout the sales cycle.

Account Executives

When you need to bring specialist sales expertise into your existing team or require that extra headcount to cope with increased market demands, Voxa will provide you with the right sales resources. The account executive will work as a fully- integrated member of your business, driving sales towards your client base under your own company’s identity. Under the day to day supervision of your sales manager, the account executive will be an integral part of your sales presence in the open marketplace.

Telephone Sales

When your product or service requires a less complex sales approach, a telephone sales team may be the most efficient sales solution. Voxa sales outsourcing will deploy a dedicated team to work on commercial telesales and lead generation activities for your business. We can also combine a telephone sales model with the implementation of an account executive in order to leverage a high-coverage, high-touch sales approach. This combination often proves extremely productive in driving high-value sales opportunities.

Integrated Direct Marketing

To compliment your sales outsourcing strategy, the use of direct marketing actions will support your sales drive and help to build brand awareness. By fully integrating sales and marketing activities, we reach a wider client audience. Marketing services are delivered by TIGER PRODUCTIONS, either in cooperation with your own marketing department or on a stand-alone basis. (Tiger Productions website)